Our Company J. LOURAKIS COMPANY O.E. has 18 years of experience in the sector of spare parts, accessories, lubricants and electrical parts of car and trucks.

We import the 80% of the products that we are selling from 14 countries, from all the world, and we distribute all over the Greece as our target is the more rapid service of our customers and the more competitive prices for our market.

That is the reason that we offer the bigger variety of products with direct imports from the bigger companies than all the world.

The experienced personnel of our company in combination with the most perfect system of information technology in which we invest continuously they provide the better service in our customers.

The distribution of products covers all Greece as four experienced salesmen serve it.

In the company function two moreover departments amining at the completed service of our customers.

1st department:  It deals with the supply of genuine parts where it is required and thus supplies our customers with genuine parts having it makes conventions with most delegations.

2nd Department: It deals with the supply of exhaust systems, and body parts.



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